MV Weekly: Gao Jiafeng, Cephalosis

Gao Jiafeng 高嘉丰 – Parinirvana Shoujo 圆寂少女

Completed over a year between Taiwan and Shanghai, Gao Jiafeng’s music video for ‘ Parinirvana Shoujo’ off the hyper-pop artist’s 2020 release Emotional Dance Music, directed by Taiwanese director SHYBOY, is chock full of the artist’s chameleon and subversive mix of psytrance, hardcore pop, and DDR (for reals) and features avant-garde stylist Yingying Lu as the titular girl who must cope with her (original sin) boyfriend, his phone, depression, and the end of the world. A colorful, delirious romp that matches the song’s pitch-perfect bubblegum flavored dystopian.

Cephalosis – Absolutely Far

Shot at the end of 2020 in Huize Dahaicaoshan, the highest alpine meadow in Yunnan (listed as one of the most beautiful landmarks in China by Cultural Geography Magazine) admits strong gusts and flying rock and sand, Kunming cold wave duo Cephalosis’s latest nevertheless manages to bring film school art house vibes to their music video for ‘Absolutely Far’ – off their 2020 LP release Cephalosis. Shot in grainy overlie black and white – you’d be hard-pressed to figure out what it all means – but hey, embrace the mystery.

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