Gig Recap: Lonely Leary (2021.03.19)

Lonely Leary 孤独的利里 (Bandai Namco 万代南梦宫 2021.03.19)

A little more than half a year ago, I caught Beijing post punk outfit Lonely Leary at Bandai Namco. As per usual, the band kicked all sorts of ass – something they’ve been doing since I first caught them at School Bar back in early 2015. But the venue, one of Shanghai’s larger-scale venues mind you, was perhaps only a bit more than a quarter full. Since then, the band released their sophomore LP to a frenzy of accolades, played an array of platters across the country, and captured the minds and ears of China’s increasingly hungry audiences. All leading up to a sold-out stop back any Bandai Namco, their second only show for their long-winded nationwide tour. What a difference half a year can make! 

Performing for a solid hour and a half, the band essentially performed (I believe) every song off of their two LPs as well as a couple of other jams thrown in for good measure. And it was glorious – not only heartening to see such an elated crowd, but to see the band attack their music with such manic fervor. It’s potent stuff and they did not hold back. IF you get a chance to catch them on tour these next two months you best do so. Stay ugly…

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