MV Weekly: Endless White, Wang Wen

Endless White 白百 – Romantic 你被我浪漫

Xi’an shoegaze outfit Endless White has long been a harbinger of hope for the dusty walled city that’s been seeing a musical resurgence of sorts in the last two years. Their newest single, with their new label Ruby Eyes Records, is pure bliss – a jangly, tender outpouring of cluttered emotions between two lovers entwined in the shaky territory of romance. So yeah, tailor made for Chinese Valentine’s Day. Expect the band’s first full length LP to drop in the forthcoming month.

Wang Wen 惘闻– Invisible City Teaser 看不见的城市 专辑宣传片

The irreplaceable Wang Wen, fresh off the predictably stellar release of their tenth studio album, is gearing up for both a China tour and an overseas release (with Pelagic Records). To entice fans, they’ve dropped a little teaser that treks their journey to Sundlaugin Studios in Iceland last January, where they recorded over ten days. The place held a spell over the band and its producers, and rightly so, as it’s where everyone from Sigur Ros to Alcest have recorded. If you haven’t jumped on their latest album then get on it already – mesmerizing stuff.

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