MV Weekly: Default, P. Murk

Default 缺省 – Can You Hear The Whistle Blow?

Default, fresh off their game changing and transformative EP Can You Hear The Whistle Blow bring their wanderlust sound to visual life on the music video for their title track – directed by Lynn Ye and shot by Wang Ha. It follows our female protagonist who escapes the mundane crushing life of the city for the lush, mist-filled forests of Yunnan. And damn does it make me want to travel down south again.

P. Murk – Apple

Beijing-raised, Paris-based lo-fi producer P. Murk brings his poetic pose and sound collage of ambient and classical music to life the help of Spanish designer and animator Claudia Torán. Much like the song itself – the video is abstract as our narrator recites a letter to a friend guiding them step by step to the place where he resides – an apple.

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