New Music: RUBUR, Li Jianhong, Noise Arcade

RUBUR – Persephone’s Seasons 珀耳塞福涅的四季

A year after their gorgeous debut, Shanghai shoegaze band RUBUR return with their even stronger sophomore release Persephone’s Seasons. Built around the character of the Greek goddess and wife of Hades, whose dual roles as presider over the dead and conveyor of fertility was frequently used to explain the cycle of the seasons, the album is split into two halves coinciding with the ups and downs of the seasons. Mythological narrative aside, this is how shoegaze ought to be done – dragged across the concrete, as the reverb floods your earlobes and hushed omnivorous vocals lull you into walls of ethereal melodic noise. All the elements come together beautifully, tuned with just the right amount of intensity and emotional resonance to give you more than one sonic epiphany. 


Li Jianhong 李剑鸿 – Father, and a wild trail zigzagging down 父亲,和一条曲折的荒野之路

Guitar shaman and virtuoso sound artist Li Jianhong continues to spellbound on his latest descent into madness – Father, and a wild trail zigzagging down – released on Belgium label Cold Moss. Recorded at various venues during his first European tour in 2018, it combines all the fixtures of Jianhong’s daft ability to improvise and breathe life into every distortion and sound that emerges from his instrument – creating a restless energy that’s impossible to turn away from. Invigorating stuff. 

吉他萨满和声音艺术大师李剑鸿继续痴迷于他的疯狂之旅——《父亲,和一条曲折的荒野之路》,这张专辑由比利时唱片公司Cold Moss发行,由他2018年第一次欧洲巡演期间在不同的场地录制。它结合了剑鸿的即兴创作能力,为他的乐器中出现的每一个扭曲和声音注入生命,创造出一种无法抗拒的躁动能量。是张鼓舞人心之作。

Noise Arcade – Damage Dealt / Damage Taken

Prolific sound artist and electronic explorer Noise Arcade returns with his latest – Damage Dealt / Damage Taken – off of Field Ring Records. While the artist’s trademark droning soundscapes remain as potent as ever, with elements of techno, noise, IDM, shoegaze and even a 4/4 beat being seared into the mix, there’s an ambient and idyllic quality to how it all comes together. As the bass takes over in the second half, the edges have been burnished giving way to a sound that strives for transcendence, as the teeming rhythmic pull of its world pulls you in. 

多产的声音艺术家和电子音乐探索者Noise Arcade带着他的最新专辑Damage Dealt / Damage Taken回归,该专辑由Field Ring Records发行。这位艺术家标志性的嗡鸣依然像以前一样有力,掺杂着电子、噪音、IDM、自赏甚至是4/4拍的元素,这一切融合在一起的时候,竟然有一种田园般的氛围。随着低音在后半段占据上风,边缘被打磨,取而代之的是一种力求超越的声音,将你拉入它充满节奏的世界。

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