MV Tuesday: The Diders, Hedgehog, Bonaparte, Reflector


Survived the rain? Got groovy with the world music stylings over at Dos Kolgeas (the ever reliable Foukographer has a sexy stash of photos up for your viewing pleasure)? Plunged into the debauchery and primitive state of electronic mayhem at the Great Wall? Or just took it easy on a lovely Dragon Boat holiday? Whatever your poison, it’s time to strap back in for another music video eye opener. Here’s the latest vids from rookie punks The Diders, indie rockers Hedgehog, pop punk outfit Reflector, and Berlin-based electronic rockers Bonaparte.

Catch em’ while you can folks – word is that is Friday’s LBM Showcase featuring The Diders is one of the ‘rock em sock em’ punk bands last shows together due to circumstances beyond their control. And if you want a taste of what you’ll be missing then indulge in the mayhem and destruction in their newest music video for their single ‘Friday Flowers’ – it’s a friggin riot. Shot by Beijing punk’s residential handy man Shanzhai Laowai, it’s a compilation of pretty much every Diders show in the last year in all their ridiculous (and often times, bare naked) glory. Remember this Friday, June 6th, School Bar – your last chance to catch flaccid flailing penises.


Berlin-based Bonaparte seems to have had a nice run here in Beijing, first coming to our capital last fall for the Dong Dong Dong Festival and then later returning this past May for a bit of MIDI action – well it looks like the ‘multi-ethnic group ruled by the party-Kaiser’ did not go back empty handed – knowing fair well that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, the outfit decided to shot some pretty niffy videos during their tenure. First there’s the above music video for ‘Into the Wild’, shot in Shanghai, which scores some big points for creating some genuine resonance in its portrayal of a old man and his monkey. The other is this ‘on the fly’ impromptu showcase in Tiantan Park here in Beijing – which doesn’t hold back in the ‘let’s see how many locals we cam freak out’ department. Check that one out here. Props Bonaparte for making the most out of your trip.

Indie rockers Hedgehog continue to propel themselves into mainstream territory – the band on the last leg of its nation-wide tour and it’s sixth album is still receiving love here and aboard (out of ten albums I submitted to BeeHype recently this was the one that received the most votes). The title track from their latest album, Phantom Pop Star, just received the music video treatment in this sloppily made utterly adorable zombie attack within the depths of a parking garage. Only the power of indie tunes can save Atom – or something.

Last, one last look at the beginning of May’s festival mayhem — and frankly the best shot and edited piece of promotional showcasing why MIDI is so much god damn fun. The people! The short lil piece of promo from Vans, a constant presence at MIDI since forever, highlights all the skateboarding shenanigans before shifting focus to the mosh pits, walls of death, torch-bearing, crowds of excited folks are set to Reflector’s hit song ‘No Trouble’. And if you keep your eyes peeled you might just catch a glimpse of my metal partner in crime, and iBrew founder, Jeremy getting dragged around in a circle at the one-minute mark. Dude can’t even see without his specks. And for anyone looking to test out some quality cider this weekend – hit up the Beijing Craft Beer Festival where we’ll be spreading the good word and selling cider.

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