Upcoming: 2014 Mushroom Festival


The brains and brawn behind Gulou’s cozy venue 69 Café and record store Rockland, Xiao Zhan, has pulled out his little black book, and gathered some of the city’s most innovative, absorbing, and distinctive bands for the second annual Mushroom Festival, held over Friday June 6th and Saturday June 7th at Yugong Yishan. Xiao Zhan has been quite the advocate for local music for sometime, who I first noticed sporting a camera at some XP show some time ago – he’s got quite the collection of videos on youku already. The lineup is indicative of the man’s taste and boy does he have good taste – compilation CDs will even be available at the gig. Night One features some of 69 Café’s regular acts including the up and comers The Harridans whom my audio made described as ‘sax funky good times’ – so true; as well as Hangzhou indie folk rockers Tree. Night Two brings out the big guns including the uproarious SUBS, post math rocker Glow Curve, and bubbly Xi’an rockers The Fuzz. Check out the whole lineup below and take a trip this weekend.

What: Mushroom Festival

Where: Yugong Yishan

When: June 6th/7th 9:00pm

Tickets: 100/120 RMB (buy here)

Day One                           Day Two

  Tree                                                             SUBS

  Lone                                                         The Fuzz

  Fusha                                                   Alpine Decline

 Chui Wan                                                 Mr. Graceless

The Harridans                                                    Glow Curve

 Liu Yusi                                                            V-Day

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