MV Monday: Purple Soul, Jump Goat, Fast Son, RedBull New Energy Project


Holy cow it’s frigid outside! So friggin much – makes you just wanna snuggle up and throw on the tube and gorge on moving pictures. Let’s do just that and check out the latest vids from Jump Goat, Fast Son, Purple Soul, as well as the upcoming Red Bull New Energy Project.

So yeah – Red Bull, like some many other ‘it’ brands is throwing their grubby little hands all over the music scene (for better or worse) and through an internet open call and wechat voting scheme have picked the ‘Top Ten Most Popular Artists/Bands’. They are as follow: Reflector; Mosi; Mr. Sea Turtle; Top Floor Circus; GALA; The Big Wave; Miserable Faith; The Life Journey; Zhao Lei; Su Yang. Interesting choices here among the obvious picks (Miserable Faith, GALA) such as The Big Wave (yay!) and Mosi (yay!). The company is now sponsoring each of the ten bands’ national tours now – and if you take a look at Yugong Yishan’s schedule this month, you’ll notice a few of the bands on the list coming through town as apart of their sponsored tours. Big ups Red Bull to throwing cash around to the boys.

Speaking of brands with their wieners rubbing up against the music scene here, local ‘what’s hip’ pushers VICE and Converse have teamed up to give a little piece on Jah Jah Way, one of the rappers for Purple Soul. It’s a cute little ‘slice of life’ look at a local artist just hanging and bein slay and whatnot. Supposedly there’s a part two coming out later today so keep your eyes peeled over on VICE’s weibo page – shit did I just do that?

The last concert of the Douban ‘Behind The Billboard’ series comes this Saturday at XP where they’ll be hosting Xi’an post punk live wires The Fuzz, one of my favorite finds of last year. Joining them will be Jump Goat, another post punk conundrum out of Xi’an who on first listen sounds all types of awesome. Their MV above (hat tip to Mr. Feola over at SmartBeijing for the find) was just released this summer and it hints at a band that might just have what it takes. Color me curious.

Hey, remember that band Low Bow featuring Irish test tube twins Richard Doran and Michael Cupoli who rock their way through Beijing with their highly abrasive, stripped down brand of garage rock blues? Well they\’re back for a reunion tour which kicks off and ends at Jianghu Bar this Friday. They will also be handing out their 7\’\’ vinyl off of Genjing Records. To wet your appetite I found this clip for Richard Doran’s solo project Fast Son, most of which was recorded during ‘difficult times’ in Chengdu. Love knowing these Kitchen Table Recordings are chock full of regret and insecurity.

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