Weekend Update (28/11-30/11)


Holy Potluck! November sure knows how to go out with a bang – besides the Dong Dong festival claiming half of the venues, we have album releases, invasions of Sanlitun, and LBM\’s very own winter bash! Let\’s get at it already! And sorry for the tardiness – just awoken from a turkey coma.

Friday November 28th

Looking for a little hard rock to tear into the weekend with – how about popping by Temple and letting Incisors show ya how it\’s done. Old school heavy rock with bite, a rarity these days in the hard rock arena. They release their debut tonight with support from britpoppers Secret Club and metal outfit Wu You. Bring the pain. Dong Dong continues bringing in the sweet sweet talent to DDCTiloun from the Reunion Islands is a force of nature with a bellowing powerful voice that reaches deep. Song Yuzhe is perhaps one of the folk scene’s most accomplished, humble performers who doesn\’t receive as much respect as he deserves. And who can turn down a lil zither action from Sanchuan a trio of fine ladies. Wuhan post rock favorites Hualun return with new music after a two year hiatus. Word is they almost threw in the towel but were saved by music – awwwww. But no joke, one of the better post rock groups to grace the scene. Catch the rejuvenation at Mao Livehouse. Dong Dong at Yugong Yishan brings Colt Silvers out of France and Idiotape out of Korea as well as wuhan electro punks AV Okubo. Get hardcore with The Reason, Saving Molly, and Spitdevil over at School. Or get you Inner Mongolian buzz from Zul down at Mako Livehouse.

Saturday November 29th

I\’ve spammed my spams worth already on LBM\’s second throw down this year – it’s gonna be killer – we got post rock, post punk, psychedelic mischief and 8-bit zaniness courtesy of Streets Kill Strange Animals, Glow Curve, Gate to Otherside, and DJ GUIGZ – so I\’ll leave you with this – if we over 80 tickets at XP I will strip naked and do a DJ set at the end. No joke. One of Beijing’s most notorious folk artists Wu Hongfei returns after a very strange 2013 which saw the artist being detained for a bomb threat as well as releasing a dubstep drenched album inspired by her Dong ethnicity. So yeah, what once started as a whimsical quirky folk duo has morphed into an entirely different beast over fifteen years and frankly I\’m super curious to see what\’s she has up her sleeve next – at Mao Livehouse. Dong Dong closes out tonight with a plenty of flavor – Yugong Yushan hosts international pop singers Fifi Rong and CALLmeKAT, as well as Shanghai trip hop duo AM444 well over at DDC S-Mud joins French indie rockers Birdy Hunt. There\’s fresh talent over at School in the form of Scary Honey, SNSOS, Heat Mark, and Gate to Otherside. Finally, Italians punks Octopuss rally UK troops at Temple.

Sunday November 30th

Look out college dingdongs and middle aged western douches – the punks are coming for ya. Punk invades Sanlitun for an bombardment of the senses in the unlikeliest of places. Atop Satan’s\’ chapel itself, Yashow, where that \’Tintin in Tibet\’ shirt you always wanted to show off to your friends back West can be yours for a measly twenty yuan! Oh My! Best use that cash for a yangjing or two as folks rock out to the likes of The Flyx, Chinese Modern Guys, Bastards of Imperialism, Shochu Legion, and The Diders rip it up at Snake Livehouse – the tattoo club on the 7th floor. Sacrifices will be made. And you will be mine \’Tintin in Tibet\’ size medium. Finnish viking/warrior metal group Ensiferum brings you your Game of Thrones fantasy at Yugong Yishan. And keep it morbid at Mao Livehouse with Silent Resentment, Dengel, Silent Elegy, Nightingale, and Single Winged Angel.

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