Mixtape No. 310

Yadae 鸭打鹅 – 丧尸之屋 (Shanghai/Modern Sky)

Lastboss – Yeboah (Zhuhai/Self-Released)

Aero-Boat 空气船 – 螺旋 (Beijing/Modern Sky)

Mickey Zhang (feat. WHAI) – Struggle (Beijing/华纳音乐)

LimboLimbs – sexy Tiger (alter) (Shanghai/Eating Music)

COOLFASHIONMUSIC.-All The Jungle Folk. (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Aming Liang 阿鸣 – 烦人粘粘虫 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Slot Canyons – The Warning Chime (Wuhan/Field Ring Records)

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