Gig Recap: Ens, Slot Canyons, Noise Arcade, Aze (2021.07.14)

Ens, Slot Canyons, Noise Arcade, Aze – ALL Club 2021.07.14

For over two years, Field Ring Records, hailing from Wuhan, has been unearthing a richly diverse collection of musicians making offbeat electronic and ambient music – and last week they hit the road with a stop by ALL Club for the weekly series Wonton Bureau. And yeah, I miss this shit. Hardware galore, massive ambient soundscapes to get lost in, angular yet propulsive synthesizers, and an improvisational spirit. But really, I just love trying to wrap my brain around how each sound and layer is created. It’s akin to a magic trick – one that stimulates the ears.

Field Ring founders Ens and Slot Canyons kicked off the proceedings. The former washing away any of the cobwebs left from the workday with dank, immersive ambient tones and drones that engulfed the whole venue.

The latter bringing some modular synth kicks that assured listeners the label wasn’t only about atmosphere. 

Beijing’s Noise Arcade dug deep into his bag of tricks – throwing everything from acid to IDM – bringing a searing dissonance whose teeming rhythmic pulls you in. It’s a sound that’s slowly yet is always evolving. 

The night closed out with a brilliant set from Shanghai’s Aze, offering up frenzied propulsive beats with this analog equipment. Love the build of some of the tracks, giving listeners an architectural peek at the skeleton of dance music.

Once again, a killer listening experience and one I hope we see more of in the coming year. 

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