Mixtape No. 299

Ocean Radio – Cherry Lime (Guangzhou/SJ Records)

Code-A – Conversation (Chengdu/霓雾娱乐)

Chainhaha倩芸 – B Trip (Changsha/Self-Released)

Sleepwaking Zoo 梦游动物园 – Rewind (Zhuhai/Self-Released)

Me and My Sandcastle – Bento Box (Shanghai/FUTURE PHONOGRAPH)

NO ONE – 粉末 (Hefei/Modern Sky)

CLAY DOLL – spring reverb surf green (Suzhou/StreetVoice)

1000 Failures 千败 – Counterclockwise 逆时针 (Shanghai/了子娱乐)

Termination of Teens 夏幕 – our time is running out 我从未如此期待过这个夏天的到来 (Chengdu/Self-Released) 

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