At this day and age that internet is touching everything, electric gadgets have become a main media for communication and building up relationships. We get a glimpse of people’s inner world and spiritual reality through […]


LBM Mixtape No. 234

Fazi 法兹 x Hiperson 海朋森 – 夜行 (Xi’an x Chengdu/Self-REleased) Foster Parents – A Voice From The Gallery (Shanghai/Qiii Snacks Records) The Beauty – 慢慢 (Beijing/Self-Released) The Perfect Holiday 完美假日乐队 – Bad to the Bone 无可救药 (Xi’an/Self-Released) Code-A – ID (Chengdu/Kanjian) Future Orients 飛去來 – Dream Like A Buffalo 沉默入梦 (Beijing/Maybe Mars) Wonder […]


LBM Mixtape No. 225

Chui Wan – Sun 太阳 (Beijing/Maybe Mars) pentatonic – Bye Bye! Post Rock! (Beijing/1724 Records) Sara Liu 刘惜君 – 假如 (Beijing/Ocean Butterflies Music) Zoogazer 动物园钉子户–隧道口虫鸣夜 (Xuzhou/SJ Records) Lost Memory Machine – Soaked (Beijing x Wuhan/Nugget Records) Code-A – Perfect Love (Chengdu/Kanjian Music) Baihu 白虎 – 双寿 (Beijing/Ruby Eyes Records)