Mixtape No. 323

Hoo! – Cloudy (Guangzhou/Self-Released) Tidal Forest 潮汐森林 – island rear (Beijing/Self-Released) Silly Function – 通勤大逃杀 (Wuhan/Inago Records) Code-A – 山茶花 (Chengdu/霓雾娱乐)  PeaceHotel和平饭店 – 尾巴 (Hefei/Modern Sky) The Davinci 达闻西 – 瑶瑶 (Beijing/Modern Sky) Mildew 霉酪巫- […]


Mixtape No. 299

Ocean Radio – Cherry Lime (Guangzhou/SJ Records) Code-A – Conversation (Chengdu/霓雾娱乐) Chainhaha倩芸 – B Trip (Changsha/Self-Released) Sleepwaking Zoo 梦游动物园 – Rewind (Zhuhai/Self-Released) Me and My Sandcastle – Bento Box (Shanghai/FUTURE PHONOGRAPH) NO ONE – 粉末 […]


Mixtape No. 253

Tracklist ColorfulBar彩色文胸 – Looper 环中人 (Chengdu/Self-Released) Whale Wave 鲸浪 – 乌斯怀亚 (Guangzhou/Self-Released) Wen Zhaojie 文兆杰 – 抱歉 (Beijing/Sony Music) Star 69 星号69 – 末班 (Beijing/StreetVoice) LongTravel 浪旅 – Pink Car (Chengdu/Self-Released) Annaki 安娜其 – 难过的事总是发生在夏天 […]


Interview: Code-A

At this day and age that internet is touching everything, electric gadgets have become a main media for communication and building up relationships. We get a glimpse of people’s inner world and spiritual reality through […]