Mixtape No. 257


  • Hiperson 海朋森 – I Am in A Period of Desperation 我进入了绝望的时期 (Maybe Marts/Chengdu)
  • Qibadian 七八点 – 电台天书 (Nanjing/Self-Released)
  • Sequelae 后遗症 – He Is Good (Zhengzhou/Self-Released)
  • Nein Or Gas Mus 無高潮 – Flashback (Guangzhou/Qiii Snacks Records)
  • Railway Suicide Train 卧轨的火车 – JL Mountain 另一座山 本地 (Hangzhou/Ruby Eyes Records)
  • Future Orients 飛去來 – 最后的歌 (Beijing/School)
  • GLYZB 阁楼演奏班 – 游园 (Qingdao/Self-Released)
  • Right Lane Convergence 右侧合流 – 家的概念 (Huizhou/Wild Records)

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