MV Weekly: The Upside Down, Wang Meng + Yu Miao

The Upside Down 完美倒立- Dawn Echo

Chongqing indie rockers The Upside Down wowed fans earlier this summer with the release of their lush and slick sophomore LP Dream Tide which showcases the band’s beating disco heart. This electro pop cocktail is at its fullest on their single ‘Dawn Echo’ and their accompanying music video, which shows off the band’s new sheen and trajectory. Infectious. 

今夏早些时候,重庆独立摇滚乐队完美倒立发行了一张制作华丽精致的新专辑《曳梦潮汐》,展现了乐队跃然舞动的迪斯科情怀,令粉丝们为之倾倒。其电子流行风格通过专辑中单曲《Dawn Echo》及其音乐伴奏影像表现得淋漓尽致,展示了乐队新的光彩和发展可能。过耳难忘。

Wang Meng 王萌 + Yu Miao 于淼 –  Grain Rain

Visual artist and new media producer Wang Meng gets to show off his intricate visual designs and world-building on the music video for ‘Grain Rain’. As one half of the musical project, which also features maestro guzheng player Yu Miao, the song ‘Grain Rain’ is the perfect encapsulation of the duo’s seamless fusion of classical Chinese music and atmospheric electronica. 


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