LBM Offline: Gulou Double Decker #1 (22.01.2015)


An unyielding black hole of regret; an adverse participant of this world; a refuge for lost souls; a utopia of self-destruction: Temple and its illegitimate cousin (son?) Dada have been called many things since their manifestation in 2011 and 2012. And while the two venues teamed up long ago in our collective conscious, morphing into one amorphous blob of vice and memory realignment (heck, they even share the same glasses), it\’s time we make this unholy matrimony official! Live Beijing Music and pangbianr are proud to present the first in a new monthly series – the Gulou Double Decker – which no, isn\’t the new burger at Katchup or some steamy new sex position that your co worker\’s been gabbing on about. It’s a two-story ongoing event where pangbianr with host a gaggle of offbeat electronica artists while LBM will host some of the underground rock up and comers. Dangerous sounds indeed. Can’t wait to work those calves. And who knows Mr. Feola and I may even be tempted to swap partners in the future. Gross, right. Full details below. And yeah, we got one LBM’s favorite new bands playing.


What: Gulou Double Decker #1

When: Thursday, January 22nd

 Where: Temple/Dada

Ticket: Free



Gate to Otherside (psychedelic indie noise rock)

Fake Weed (harsh math punk duo)


Linan (Da Bang drummer – live solo set)

Charm (slow percussion)

Noise Arcade (ambient drone)

Fratricide (noise tribe)

Jerry Chan (dark rhythms)

Compact Dicks (v/a)

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