In Pictures: pangbianr INTLX 8, Guiguisuisui Tour, Christian Virant


Suppose I just needed to cleanse my pallete – after being just about music-less for all of my stint home, I needed to inject as much music-going into my system as possible. Hence why last Friday night you might have caught me jumping around town starting at DDC for pangbianr\’s return as they showcased VavabondXiao Hong & Xiao Xiao Hong, Wang Ziheng, and the curator himself Charm, among others. Afterwards I jumped over to Temple to where the infamous Guiguisuisui was kicking off (yet another) southeast asia tour with the help of Luv Plastik, and many of the audience members, as per usual, including Nova Heart\’s Wang Hui. And if that wasn\’t enough, I dipped into Dada (the basis for our LBM/pangbianr double decker bash which I\’ll start promoting) to watch Christian Virant of FM3 fame go full-on techno, quite different than his usual minimalistic atmospheric electronic music. Fulfilled I was. Enjoy!























































































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