In Pictures: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 7 (17.09.2015)


After taking a month off, the Gulou Double Decker returned last week with a vengeance giving the spotlight to three spanking new bands with plenty of bite. While shoegaze noise blitzers Boiled Hippo once again proved their worth, vibrating the floorboards of the joint, it was also a first for me to catch emo post rock cat callers Juju, a band that has potential up the wazoo, as well as high octane instrumental rock crunchers Rhonda, who kept the audiences in devilishly good spirits well past midnight. As always, a solid outing over at everyone’s favorite well of riotous times, Temple. Keep an eye for the next one and flip through some more pics below (might be time for some photoshop classes me thinks)


















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