In Pictures: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 6 (DongDongDong, Sealed Jar, Jia Huizhen, DizzyDi)


Whooooo —- getting closer to the end of the tunnel here. And if I plan accordingly, I can get everything out by the time I ship my ass off to Europe. For this particular Gulou Double Decker, I gave a shot at getting electronic on the unsuspecting crowd at Temple. In hindsight, not the brightest idea. Simply put, rock is in Temple’s blood. But nevertheless, between the dizzying electronic sets from DongDongDong and DizzyDi, and the melodic electro pop of Sealed Jar and Jia Huizhen, who seriously deserves a bigger audience, it was a satisfying evening. More pictures below – and be sure to check out Jia Huizhen’s ‘single a month’ series.
















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