Gig Recap: Shining Dimensions Vol.8 (2019.07.19)

Shining Dimensions – the series curated by Guiguisuisui and Aotu Space that aims to create an intersection between different dimensions of creativity hit its final edition (of the season) last weekend and boy did they go all out – throwing its many artists into a ‘round robin’ where each musical performer was set up in one corner of Auto’s space along with a visual artist, leaving the audience to snake from one ‘set’ to another as colors, sounds, and lights splashed upon our ears and eyes.

Overwhelming in the best possible sense, it was literally impossible to not be enraptured – either by the mind-bending real-time painting, drawing, animation from James SserwaddaChandosoShui Wong, and Nan Guazi, or by the diverse sounds of thruoutinLast Boss (with Daniel Rothwell subbing in like a champ), 4 Channels Club, and Nico & Rudi. Add in some freestyle dance moves from Duna, as well as the array of talented audience members who jumped in during the second half of the event, and the Shining Dimensions team has found the sweet spot between an art exhibition and a live experimental show. Not too shabby – here’s to hoping Shining Dimensions returns soon.  

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