MV Weekly: Laisee, Joy Ginger

Laisee 利事 – Summer School 夏末四顾

Freestyle hardcore punk outfit Laisee, whose unhinged spirited performances have made them one of the scene’s most beloved acts, pay tribute to the venue that nourished them, and the summer season that’s littered with the ‘young hearts don’t leave regrets for yesterday’. Set at Beijing’s infamous School Bar (who have already seen their audiences sky-rocket thanks to TV’s The Big Band) it’s a ramshackle underdog story following one man’s descent into chaos and the obstacles and primal desires that hinder him along the way. Buoyant in its charm and supplemented by various animated doodles that emphasis the characters’ inebriations, it’s the perfect encapsulation of the venue’s scrappy lovable demeanor and the band’s energetic charisma.    

Joy Ginger – I’m Lost 

Joy Ginger, who’s been slowly building the fanbase with a catalog of airborne, suave, and sultry R&B laced future pop numbers, goes all-in on the delightfully futuristic pop number ‘I’m Lost’ off of the Beijing producer’s latest collaboration with Babel Records. Expanding beyond his penchant for dancefloor-ready tunes, the producer seems at ease blending in more eschewed industrial chop-shop sounds here, which fits in nicely with the dystopian 3D-rendered landscape that visual artist Immosa, a frequent collaborator with Babel Records, has devised. Soaked in hazy neon colors, and reaping the architecture found in many of China’s ‘ghost cities’ – it follows a T100-esque character as he navigates across the desolate post-apocalyptic city to find any semblance of life. 

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