Gig Recap: Sha!, Meng Qi, Husband Killer (DDC 2017.02.24)

After a relatively dry week of music during the Chinese New Year, myself, and just about the rest of Beijing were a bit desperate for some new tunes. Luckily, DDCcould sense my plight and kept the weekend packed with gigs including last Saturday’s eclectic lineup featuring a diverse range of bands and sounds.

It was my first opportunity to check out SHA! – the improvisational progressive rock outfit, who blasted out an intricate jam after another, casually throwing out wicked solos and manhandling their instruments like it was no one’s business – top-notch performers though a part of me wishes there would hone it in and mold something more substantial out of their tracks, cause there really is some amazing melodies within.

Also my first go-around with Miao Shouhou aka Husband Killer who brought some much needed lyrically based folk-rock that’s loose, crunchy, and loaded with flavorsome flourishes.

The real highlight of the night was the electronic producer and inventor Mengqi, who was in rockstar mode as a gaggle of French cameramen followed him around throughout the evening, filming a segment on the auteur who has made quite a name for himself over the years. He gave a rousing, synth-heavy, deeply affecting performance using both his own toys as well as a new gift from abroad he was using for the first time. It’s always a new story with this dudin but this was one of his best performances for sure. So there ya go — first Beijing gig in the Year of the Dog. Bow wow wow.

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