LBM Mixtape 156


allenvave – 分裂1-800-phonelove (feat.L100BENNY) (Nanning/Babel Records)

Zoogazer 动物园钉子户 – Lakeside 湖边 (Xuzhou/Self-Released)

Baishui 白水 (feat. Yuan Tian 袁田) – The 31st Love Letter (Sichuan/BlankSounds 空白聲)

Ma Bang 马帮乐队-分龙传说 (Guangzhou/Modern Sky)

Lionman 狮子侠 – Lion on the Moon (Shenzhen/Self-Released)

Guzz – 浮世中的歌声 (Beijing/Babylon)

j-fever 小老虎 (prod. EddieBeatz) – Everything in my Mouth 碰上了我的嘴 (Beijing/StreetVoicexAllGoodMusic)

Yikii – destroy everything (Shanghai/Genome 6.66 Mbp)

Goodbye Honey Boy – Melancholy Cherry Blossom (Beijing/Ruby Eyes)

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