Gig Recap: Residence A, Guiguisuisui, Noise Arcade, Wen Liang, Atelier (2017.01.15)

A low-key evening of electronic tunes as Caravan gave an array of the Beijing’s electronically infused artists and bands a chance to strut their stuff for a Mongolian based festival organizer. Guess you could call it an audition of sorts, but reality more of a laid-back, rotating replay of sounds – from the poppy fun of Residence A, to the drone heft of Atelier (one half of Atelier II), the melodic piano-led Wen Liang, the buoyant trance of Noise Arcade, and even a beat-oriented live drawing set from Guiguisuisui. There was a subdued pleasure to the evening – where good talk, good music, and good people collided without the tension of the weekend up ahead.  

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