Gig Recap: Nova Heart, The Hormones, LXY (2019.12.11)

Long-standing music label and promoters Fake Music threw a killer end of year bash last week showcasing their roster and gotta say, it’s been too long since I’ve last caught Nova Heart. Returning after a bit of a break, the ever-fun dark wave disco queen hit the stage with blunt force, leaning into old numbers with fierce conviction and even hinting at some new singles with the palpable aplomb. Theatrical, enraged, and whiplash-inducing, the band has sharpened its edges, crystallizing its three members into bonafide stars, each giving their own pizazz and having their moment to shine. It’s good to have you back Nova Heart. Support for the evening came in the form of all-female Chengdu indie-rockers The Hormones, who made quite a buzz on their European tour this past year, and continue to excel with their robust blend of somber dance punk and magnetic indie chops. Rounding out the lineup is Li Xiaoyun aka LXY, the indietronica singer-songwriter whose been building a rabid fanbase over the past five years. Happy New Year Fake Music!!!

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