MV Weekly: Orange Ocean, All Romantic Days

Orange Ocean 橘子海 – Summer Cozy Rock 夏日漱石
Time to extend some love once again to Channel R (out of Datese Studios) and their ‘Plug It In’ series (hitting season 4!) which places artists in a tailor made ‘music cube’ which has all sorts of bells and whistles. Each artist they place in there gets their own interpretation of their song via wacky camera angles, lights and other tricks of the trade and so far, the series has been putting out some killer takes. One of 2019’s breakthrough stories was Qingdao’s Orange Ocean, whose ‘Summer Cozy Rock’ quickly became this year’s summer anthem. Since the release of their Britpop infused city pop leaning debut the band has been selling out venue after venue (with even a sold out Beijing show coming through next week).

All Romantic Days x HAVOC Studio
Another studio filming ‘with love’ is HAVOC Studio based out of Chengdu and digging the concept and aesthetics – finding a location which fits each bands sound. Their two most recent shoots have been Chengdu bedroom pop duo All Romantic Days who bring slick C86-styled twee pop pleasures to the streets and rooftops of the city.

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