Gig Recap: No Trace (2021.06.27)

No Trace 不留行 – Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.06.27

Closed out my three-night stint at Yuyintang – a self-imposed purgatory that at the very least had a killer soundtrack. And it felt somewhat appropriate to end with Beijing’s No Trace – the moody, disquieting art rock outfit that’s been making some noise as of late with the release of their new LP with Modern Sky. Extracting sprawling soundscapes that fuse classical music, post-punk, post rock, jazz with a darkened indie rock heart, there was something oddly comforting about their rigid architectural sound. 

A cold embrace if you will – one whose sharp angles and narrow alleyways have a labyrinthian quality to them – throwing listeners into an maze of despondency, uncertainty, and anger – delicate and rich yet restrained in its emotional transparency. Existentially and musically dense – just what my Sunday night needed. 

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