New Music: The Bootlegs, Landfills, Fu Han,Deep Water

THE BOOTLEGS 靴腿 – 幽灵的回访

There’s a propulsive verve to the way The Bootlegs sweep you up into a song, as guitar, bass and drums charge valiantly into the sunset. It’s lo-fi dream pop running at twice the speed, embedded with a surf pop charm and a nostalgic indie veneer that nudges those heartstrings whilst keeping your foot tapping frantically. Made with go-for-broke exuberance it’s a glorious convergence of distorted vocals, jangly guitar riffs and simmering grooves that reverberate off the soundboard (or better yet, bedroom post) giving the album a grainy impassioned aura that feels both engrained in the past and embattled with the future. You might just fall head over heels for it.


Fu Han 付菡 – Neo Era Romance 新世纪人类浪漫主义

Breaking free of the rock and roll limitations of Queen Sea Big Shark, singer Fu Han emerges bigger and bolder on her first solo release. An intrepid experiment in pop music in all its shapes and forms, aesthetically, Neo Era Romance is gleefully all over the place – buoyantly jumping from one style to another, unfolding like a modern-day Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Sun-baked psych pop, fizzy hip-hop, synth-filled ballads, sax-filled magical interludes, it’s all for the taking, and with a team of top-notch producers and musicians (including MGMT producer Patrick Wimberly) Fu Han’s imagination can take flight.

摆脱了后海大鲨鱼的摇滚限制,歌手付菡在她的第一张个人专辑中表现出了更大的野心。在美学上,这是一场对流行音乐各种形式的大胆实验,《新世纪的人类浪漫主义》到处洋溢着欢乐——从一种风格轻快地跳跃到另一种风格,像现代的佩珀军士的孤独心俱乐部乐队一样展开。阳光炙烤过的迷幻流行、令人振奋的嘻哈音乐、充满合成器的民谣、充满萨克斯的魔幻插曲,这些都能为她所用,有了一流的制作人和音乐家团队(包括MGMT的制作人Patrick Wimberly),付菡的想象力可以飞出天际。

Landfills 堆填区 – 青少年妄想

Guangzhou’s Landfills doesn’t fit neatly into any category genre-wise but don’t let that fool you as these young ruffians are very much catering to a bygone rock and roll sound that wouldn’t have difficulty receiving airplay in the mid-90s. A bit of grunge angst, some psych alt rock noodling, and scraps of Britpop crooning – it’s a surprisingly accessible sound that goes down easy – perhaps too easy even. But there’s no denying their instinctual ability to wrangle a catchy melody or lean both into their poppier and heavier tendencies with rock and roll aplomb. 

来自广州的堆填区并不适合被归类于任何流派,,但不要被这一点所迷惑,这些年轻的痞子们非常倾心于过去的摇滚乐的之声,在90年代中期播放也毫不违和。有一点grunge的愤怒,一些psych alt rock 的思考,还有一些Britpop 低吟浅唱的碎片:这是一种令人惊讶的、容易让人接受的声音,甚至可能太过容易。但不可否认的是,他们天生就能驾驭一段朗朗上口的旋律,或者自然地将其融入到更流行、更重的摇滚倾向中。

Deep Water – Friends 

Chengdu dream pop outfit Deep Water have been making waves over the past few years with their slick, sultry, and hypnotic sound. For their latest to low toward their friends in the music industry, adapting nine tracks from a variety of artists and bands across all genres including Wu Zhuoling, Yangji, ZiRanErRan,Gatsby in a Daze, The Or, Mind Freek, The Hit, Central Station, and The Big Flip. It’s crazy how unrecognizable some of the songs become rendered through the lead singer’s hypnotically stoically smoky vocals, the buoyant yet submerged electronic elements, and some slick guitar riffs and soul-cutting basslines. It doesn’t always work but when Deep Water hit that sweet spot between dazed prom night dance number and sultry dream pop pulp, it’s magic.

在过去的几年里,成都的梦幻流行乐队 Deep Water 一直以他们丝滑、性感和催眠的声音引人关注。在他们的最新作品中,他们向音乐界的朋友们致敬,从各种类型的艺术家和乐队中改编了九首歌曲,包括吴卓玲、养鸡、自然而燃、Gatsby in a Daze、The Or、Mind Freek、The Hit、中央车站和大翻转。通过主唱的催眠式的委婉烟嗓、闪烁其中的电子元素,以及一些顺滑的吉他riff切割灵魂一般的basslines,一些歌曲变得难以辨认,这很疯狂。这并不总是能奏效,但当 Deep Water 在茫然的舞曲和闷热的梦泡之间找到那个甜蜜的平衡点时,它就有了魔力。

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