Gig Recap: Mirrors Album Release (Yuyintang Park 2020.05.29)

Returned to Yuyintang Park for the second week in a row. Why? Well it was too much to pass up a chance to check out Mirrors, who have long been one of my favorite bands to come out of Shanghai. They have a new album out by the way. It’s pretty great. But it’s nothing compared to catching them in the flesh. Things kicked off at Yuyintang Park with a heavy acid-fied set from regular Shanghai noisemaker Hei Mu. 

时隔一周又回到育音堂公园。为啥?!好,让我告诉你,如果错过了解离的真实的现场那就过分了,他们可是一支我最喜爱的来自上海的乐队。顺便说一句,这也是他们的新专发布专场演出。非常给力!但也无法比拟看到他们现场的那种激动。当晚的演出从上海的老噪音制造者Hei Mu这先开始了。

Opening act was Khunathi ‘丘瑙底河’ and I, like many other I later learned, hadn’t the slightest idea who this trio was. But what a debut! A full-blooded psychedelic rock band that throws a bit of everything into the blender – fake Buddhist scriptures, masquerade masks, and some truly audacious grooves. Not everything worked, but when the elements came together, it was bliss. Have a feeling we’re be hearing a lot about these cats in the coming year. 

开场演出来自丘瑙底河和我,就如我后来所意识到的,大家都对这几个人是谁感到毫无头绪, 哈哈哈。但这仍是多么难得的初次登台呀!一个充满活力的迷幻摇滚乐队,在舞台上倾情演绎——特制的佛经,化装的面具,和真实大胆的演出。虽不尽美,但这些尝试碰撞在在一起时,就完美无缺了。有一种强烈的预感,在未来的日子里我们将会听到更多这几个机灵鬼儿的声音。

Once I locked into Mirrors though there was no going back. As I said before, they’re ‘a precision missile of hard-hitting psychedelic rock and roll that’s primal in its seduction’. They played through their entire album, snuck In some new songs, pulled out some mic’d up chains to perform ‘Within An Endless Dream’ and manage to still pull out one more jam that dissolved into delirious mayhem involving a empty jinjiu bottle (medium size for those keeping track) being used to turn a guitar into a switchblade. Yeah, Mirrors knocked it out of the park. Go figure.

如我曾经评价的,”他们是一支让人一旦爱上就无法抗拒的乐队,他们是一支具有精确制导武力的强劲迷幻摇滚乐队,他们是一支具有原始诱惑力的乐队。“ 当晚他们现场演出了整张专辑,默默地唱了新歌,用特制的链子制造新颖的音效来表演《Within An Endless Dream》,并设法完成了现场的即兴演奏,融入了疯狂和混乱,用一个空的金酒瓶将吉他变成一把利器(你好奇的话,瓶子是中号)。耶!解离的真实实实在在地燥翻了育音堂公园。走着,一探究竟!

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