Flashback: Farewell DDC!

Saying farewell to DDC has been difficult, to say the least, as it’s been tied up with my own feelings of leaving Beijing (which did happen finally a week ago). So when 69 and DDC gave me a two-day sendoff back in January before the whole pandemic hit, it felt in many ways like goodbye. But it’s really only begun to hit me that DDC in its original incarnation won’t be there for me (and countless others) when I visit Beijing again. It’s devastating. Jincan Zhang (aka 69) and DDC allowed LiveBeijingMusic offered me a space to indulge in my musical quirks, discover new bands, and promote music to wider audiences. 


Simply put, they gave me a voice. It started with Fake Fuzz Fest (co-hosted with the one and only Dann Gaymer) – a two-day unholy matrimony of music where everyone – from a young surly Dirty Fingers to fan favorites Luv Plastic – stirred up trouble. It also set the bar for how much I could (and shouldn’t for sanity’s sake) handle. 

简单地说,他们就是我内心深处的那个声音。一切始于Fake Fuzz Fest(和独一无二的伙伴Dann Gaymer共同主办),这是一场为期两天的非正式的婚礼庆典小型音乐会,现场的每个人从年轻肆意的脏手指到备受拥趸的洛夫塑料(Luv Plastik)都全情投入也麻烦不断,躁动而疯狂。这次经历也让我看到了自己的能量所在。

Soon afterward, I held my wedding there. Yeah, my wedding night for crying out loud. The whole reception including my blind-sided family, to partake in some insanity. And from then onwards we basically came to the agreement that each season I would put together a show. 


Some were outrageously successful, some were modestly attended – but no matter what 69 supported and encouraged me to keep following my own arrow (with the added incentive of whiskey shots afterward). I know 69 and co. will move forward and find success – it’s in his blood – and I know we’ll work together again – but damn Beijing won’t ever be the same again. So a toast to DDC 1.0 for giving me a home for over five years! 

这些大大小小的演出,有些赢得了惊人的口碑,有些则被含蓄地关注——但不论影响如何,69都一直支持和鼓励我持续追寻自己的梦想(当然免不了也凝聚了威士忌的激励)。我深深地知道69和他的事业将会义无反顾地继续前行,直至成功——这就是流淌在他身体里血液中的信念——我也笃信我们还将共事合作——但,该死的!自此北京将不似从前物是人非。为DDC 1.0干上一杯吧,因为在过去的五年中,它曾给了我家的温暖!

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