New Music: Serious Desperado, Nooooise, D.C.

Nooooise四口木- 在71%的蓝色星球

Shoegaze in its infancy – Nooooise四口木 may be rough around the edges on their debut ’71% of the Blue Planet 在71%的蓝色星球’ – but their sincerity rings loud and true. The trio hails from Liuzhou, Guangxi clearly knows their stuff – zeroing in on the dissonance and walls of sound of the genre – whilst interjecting flourishes such as samples from animes like Neon Genesis Evangelion and breakcore beats, further heightening the emotional stakes at hand. It’s an impressive debut from a promising new band. 

“Nooooise四口木”乐队的首张专辑《在71% 的蓝色星球》呈现的盯鞋多少还有些稚嫩,但他们的真挚之声响亮真切。这个三人乐队来自广西柳州,他们清楚的知道自己想要什么——专注于这一类型中的不和谐音及音墙——同时进行装点,插入《新世纪福音战士》之类动画采样和 breakcore 的律动,进一步增强已有的情绪基础。这是一支具有说服力的新乐队一次令人印象深刻的亮相。

Serious Desperado 严肃的走钢丝者- 不幸的年轻人

Young emo noise rockers Serious Desperado 严肃的走钢丝者 have proven to be one of the most exciting new acts this region has to offer – injecting their whirlwind sound with hard-edged angst, muscular musicality, and a youthful vulnerability that’s both heedless and sincere. Their debut EP ‘Unhappy Young Man 不幸的年轻人’ attempts to capture that lightning in a bottle – honing in on the more affecting qualities of their sound – namely their bleeding heart lyricism whilst dialing back the more combustible aspects of their sound. A fitting introduction that makes one eager for more. 

年轻的情绪噪音摇滚乐队“严肃的走钢丝者”证明了他们是这一地区最令人兴奋的新乐队之一——他们的旋风般的声音中注入了强硬的愤怒、肌肉感十足的音乐性,以及青春的脆弱,所有的这些既不经意又真诚。他们的新 EP《不幸的年轻人》试图捕捉一些十分困难的部分——即他们柔软的抒情,同时弱化了声音中容易爆发的部分。这(张专辑)是一个合适万分的开场,会令人期待更多。

D.C – Ambitious Greedy & Happy

Devilishly appealing and moving at such a frantic pace – Tianjin’s Division Control aka D.C. reminds listeners of the fun to be had in the post punk world with their latest LP ‘ Ambitious Greedy & Happy’. Bombastic and without an ounce of subtlety, the release perfectly captures the band’s chaotic energy often seen in their live performances – a hot-blooded swirl of post-punk, no wave, punk blues and free jazz – while highlighting their cock-eyed lyricism and its circus ringleader. 

魔鬼般的吸引力,疯狂的移动节奏——天津乐队 Division Control (乐队名为D.C.) 以他们最新专辑 Ambitious Greedy & Happy 提醒着听众后朋世界中的乐趣。不精于细枝末节但爆发力十足,这张发行完美地捕捉到了乐队现场常见的混乱能量——一个混合了后朋、无浪潮、朋克蓝调和自由爵士的热血漩涡——同时突出了乐队荒谬的抒情和乐队。

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