Gig Recap: David Boring (HK), The Fallacy (School 2017.09.23)

Though my original plans for the evening involved my sick ass getting an early night’s rest, the lure of School Bar was too much, or more appropriately the lure of checking out Hong Kong noise punk outfit David Boring, whose recent LP Unnatural Objects and Their Humans has too good to not catch live. The band is an abrasive mixture of post punk and no wave that’s nihilistic, dangerous, and cathartic – a powder keg of aggression and paranoia that could go off at any moment, set in what the band describes as a ‘cyberpunk dystopia’. And I can’t recall the last time I felt such gleeful unease and excitement from a band of this ilk. One of a kind they were. Opening duties were handled by Xinxiang’s The Fallacy, a pretty big band in their own right, who provided some pointed post punk workouts.

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