Gig Recap: Cassette Store Day (Shanghai 2018.10.13)

On October 13th, 2018 – bands, labels, shops, and music fans around the world will be celebrating International Cassette Store Day (aka. CSD), an event now in it’s fifth year that celebrates he humble format of the cassette tape and the culture surrounding the lofi but charming medium. As the official organizers for the second year running Nasty Wizard Recordings have decided to branch out, organized a celebration in Beijing at Yuyingtang in Shanghai on October 13th with Subtropical Asia. On the bill were punk scrappers Dirty Fingers, ethereal trip-hop singer ChaCha, quirky pop culture sauve hip-hop artist Gao Jiafeng, and brooding alt rockers Dahlia Rosea. Good times were had, and my brain most surely fried. 

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