MV Weekly: Macondo, Stolen

Macondo – Seek

Much in line with the music they put out, Macon’s music video for their single ‘Seek’ is simply put, epic. Conceived, created and produced by Matias Ruiz-Tagle in the Gothenburg area of Sweden and, using a mix of beautifully shot drone footage, and stock videos,  has created a piercing critique on ‘fierce consumerism of the modern world and its paradoxical relationship with our basic human need for closeness and unity’. And yeah, that is some censored yuan in the video. Great stuff. 


Stolen 秘密行动 – CHAOS Promo

Take a sneak peek at Chengdu electro-rock act Stolen and their upcoming single and subsequent music video Chaos, as well as a behind the scene look at the band working in Berlin with renowned producer Mark Reeder on the album. “There has to be a bit more confidence in Chinese people are doing right now” is a pretty pointed  (through not entirely true) critique of how many Chinese musicians view themselves in the context of the scene here and abroad. And yeah – pretty excited to here what the band has cooked up over in Germany. 

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