Flashback: Residence A‭ (D-22 2010)

One of my fondest memories of Beijing and one that pushed me into documenting the music scene was witnessing Residence Aone late Christmas Eve in 2010 at D-22. Watching wide-eyed lead singer and guitarist Zhao Zhao revel in his bandmates’ raucous, earnest, and manic tunes was akin to being led into a rock and roll carnival, and the crowd soon followed suit. They closed out their set with “Song Chun/Farewell Spring,” a song that has been engrained in my Beijing psyche ever since.



It didn’t take long for Residence A, filledout by Xiao Bing on guitar, Chen Shao on bass, and Zhao Ning on drums (who joined the lineup four years back), to become one of the indie rock scene’s most reliable and consistently engaging acts, releasing their debut in 2012, followed by quickly by the 2013’s triumphant EP The Love of This Era.



Beloved for their catchy, melodic and often life-affirming anthems, they’ve steadily grown a wider and deeper fanbase, even finding some success of the CCTV’s Sing My Song in 2015. The band celebrated ten years on the scene last December with the release of their long-anticipated sophomore release All Things Have Light out now.



Neteases Link: https://music.163.com/#/album?id=84391961

QQ Link: https://y.qq.com/n/yqq/album/001AT2OV2m4kwu.html#stat=y_new.singer.index.albumName

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