MV Weekly: Cheesemind, Dear Eloise

Cheesemind – Echo of Missing 回声

The Xiamen-based indie pop band, who bursted onto the scene last year, release their debut LP last week courtesy of Qiii Snacks Records. Before that jangly delight hit, the band has put out there two MVs for their singles ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Echo of Missing’ which highlights how our memory replays moments again and again, blurring them into a emotion. The video features prominently the city of Xiamen and images, senses, and moods that occupy it.


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Dear Eloise 亲爱的艾洛伊丝 – Dreams of Mid-Summer 仲夏之梦

Shot by and directed by Qiu Chi (of post punk band Lonely Leary) the latest music video for guitar-washed shoegaze duo dear Eloise features an array of characters (many of whom are members of Beijing’s indie rock scene) backlit by a video projector as they watch and react to the silver screen (which remains a mystery throughout the short) in front of them. Simple, elegant, and beautifully rendered in black and white, what’s most striking about the video are the genuine reactions and personalities that are reflected in the video.


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