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Punk reigns supreme this weekend so if that’s your cup of tea, you’re more than covered. If not, well, no need for bitching and moaning as there’s plenty of other quality acts going around. I’m splitting the update into two parts now so for the rest of the musical goodness click below.



Split Works continues its hot streak of bringing over acclaimed up-and-coming international indie acts with Vancouver drums and guitar noise rock duo Japandroids – think high-octane anthem-filled garage rock that immediately brings back drunken youthful nights back at high school without a care in the world – their sophomore album Celebration Rock lit up indie blogs across the West and they’re been riding high sinceMao Livehouse is gonna get loud for this one, even more so as power punk darlings SUBS hit the stage beforehand along with fresh on the scene indie outfit Yantiao. If you’re looking for a pure sloshed visceral rush then School hands down is the place to be. The Dancers, patched up with the remains of Joyside, the band that for many marked the beginning of China’s musical reach into the West, make an rare appearance along with a slew of rockers with ties to them and pack a wallop in terms of pent up aggression and rowdy fun – Bedstars, Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede, new kids on the black The Diders, and Burger Lee, a new garage outfit. I’d say more, I’ll let Josh over at SmartBeijing fill in the rest. A regular on the scene, Djang San, kicked it up a notch this summer when he announced he was expanding his one man solo act, a mish mash of Western-Chinese folk mixed with a progressive rock beat using an assortment of chinese instruments, most notably the Zhongruan, into a full-fledged band -their ‘coming out’ party at the Hanggai Festival yeah received much praise, and their live album of that gig is proof that they’re onto something. The band unleashes the goods over at Temple.


If you got the time, got the money, and the energy to rally yourself into 12 hour party mode, then you gots to hit up the 10th Annual Punk Festival at Dos Kolegas. My top picks to see here – The Diders, Rolling Bowling, Misandao, Discord, SUBS, Early Bus, and out of Japan, The Autocratics. Read up on my post here for the complete lowdown. It’s gonna be a hoot. Missing Modernista’s weekend shows? Looking to swing dance, and sit back with some old school blues? Then School might be where you want to end up – changing up from their usual array of hard hitting rock n roll, the joint is taking it down a notch, with gypsy jazz courtesy of the ever lively Mademoiselle et son Orchestre headed by this fine women, as well as chinese folk blues outfit Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen – not a bad way to knock back a few and do some romancing. Yantiao continues to hit the circuit with a gig over at the Old What? Bar along with electronic music maker Lantern Festival and grunge kids Pork.


If Skip Skip Ben Ben wasn’t already quirky enough, as well as seriously rocking, she had to go and kick off this side project with DICE guitarist (and love interest?) Dou Dou which takes the art folk further a step with Obladi Oblada. Expect a lot of cute covers, mini jam sessions, and finger licking guitar work – catch them at the intimate 69 Café. Did you miss out a few weeks back on DMC’s opening party? Fools! It was one of the most solid, fun nights I’ve had in Beijing in sometime, partly due to the fact that the venue in located out in bumblefuck Beijing (aka Tangzhou) which turns the whole shebang into a journey of sorts, but mostly due to the fact that the music comes at you fast and furious, punk to the core. Punk mainstays (and co owner of DMC) Demerit are celebrating 10 years before they head off once again to Europe for a tour and looking to make it an Sunday to remember with hardcore punk group Strike Back and Shochu Legion are joined by Bedstars for an early evening bro fest. And then there’s Xinjiang progressive rocker (among many other attributes) Jurat T.T who’s back with a new band and they’re ready to show off the goods at Jianghu Bar.


Check below for the rest of this weekends’ lineup.

The Rest


Trolls! Vikings! Finnish people!! Yes it must be folk metal with visiting Nordic band Finntroll, who will play wicked black metal mixed with folk instrumentals at Yugong Yishan. Over at Liagnmaqiao, Dos Kolegas continues to pump out the goods as everyone’s favorite melodic rockers Residence A are joined by crackling blues-infused 16 mins and Mama’s Mud. Check world music enthusiasts Echo Orchestra who turn contemporary Chinese music form on its head at Blue Stream Bar. For some electronic earworming check out 69 Café where iimmune and green monkey take you on lush soundscapes. Beida Jade Bird Radio Station hosts a slew of bands across a variety of genres including The Reason, Magic Mama, Yan Liang, Longjin, and Billow\’s Fairy Tale at Mako Livehouse. Finally for those looking to creep down the rabbit hole a bit more, catch Vavabond improv on a laptop as Bei O throws down some dance choreography at Zajia Lab.


Rolling Bowling does what they do best over at Temple – bopping, swing-worthy rockabilly – always a good time.  Mongolian singer Gangzi graces the small stage at Blue Stream Bar while rockers Rustic make a rare appearance at 69 Café.  And for those looking to scream with a bunch of other fanatic chinese girls then check out Shanghai singer-songwriter A-Si as she promotes her debut album on Modern Sky entitled Accidentally On Purpose –if the Lily Allen-esque singer is to your tasting head on down to Yugong Yishan a get cute.


And lastly, violin mischief maker Yan Yulong plans a three hour electronic violin drone session at School – as Josh points out, “it’s like church for the nearly deaf” – for the brave I suppose.

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