Weekend Update

I’m still kicking myself in the shins for being in Hong Kong at the moment while writing this – since all I’m doing is reminding myself of how much I’ll be missing while I dick around down here in this bizarre city which ain’t quite sure if it’s Western or Chinese. Anywho, first off, get over to Fête de la Musique now if you aren’t already – it’s free and looks to be the perfect start to the three-day weekend. Besides that the rest of the holiday looks to be terrible with nothing to do – just kidding, just trying to trick myself. Here’s what’s ahead….


Me Too, one of my favorite hard-to-define bands are at it again, tonight at Dos Kolegas, alongside Zhang Si’an and Pirate’s Pistols. Cute as ever folk duo An & Qi Bing will play two nights at Mako Livehouse – good spot to bring a date for sure. Celebrate summer solstice with Mao Livehouse’s usual lineup of hardcore rockers including The Lifeless, Hell City, Misandao, and more. Catch the true spirit of punk over at XP with Space Bitch and You Xi. If you feeling a little rasta then head over to the Old What? Bar for Meiwenti Sound’s Reggae Night. Watch Turtle Egg Murder from the UK inventively butcher hit songs while Jonathan Kaiman from the States hits those high notes at Jianghu Bar. Brazilian funk machine Mama Funker will liven up the joint at Modernista. VHR and The Merkin Quartet will rock it out over at Hot Cat Club. Folk freak get over to Blue Stream Bar for a special performance by Song Dongye. Lastly, if you’re in the Wudaoku area check out the Tiger Translate Battle of the Bands with special guest tonight Hedgehog at 13 Club.


All fingers point to you getting your ass over to DazeFeast, hosted by Badr and the BeijingDaze crew – it’s chalk full of goodness – don’t believe me, then read it from the man himself here. Feeling charitable? Well Yugong Yisahn “I Rock For Orphans” charity concert is tonight kicking off early with the likes of Multi Ego, Amos, Jia Hui Zhen, Billow’s Fairy Tale, Nancy J Brown, and The Priceless Boat. A bit under the radar but music company GUDLIFE Productins is throwing a party at Mao Livehouse will guests Perdel, Residence A, and 16 mins – Perdel will also be filming their music video at the time so if you want your fifteen minutes of fame get over there. At Temple, as part of the Brand New, You’re Retro series, French jazz musician Matthieu Ha will be joined by Mongolian folk group Hujiltu, with throat singing by members of Ajinai. Fresh off their third birthday, Hot Cat Club is throwing their festival – the Duanwu Folk Festival with Song Dongye, Ma Di, Liang Zi, and more. Mongolian folk rock group Dolan will perform at the Blue Stream Bar. The Sand Band with Lao Liu will take over Jianghu Bar for the night. Punkers unite at the welcoming Old What? Bar including Discord, Early Bus, Trouble Trouble, and Joking Tasty. If you missed dreamy folk duo An & Qi Bing last night, no worries they’re still be enchanting the crowd over at Mako Livehouse in Shuangjing. Get your rockabilly kicks with homegrown American Peter Murchison and Xiao Song on harmonica over at the cozy Zajia Lab. Lastly, you can head to Modernista to see jazz group the Matthew Parker Trio.


If you got any life left in ya, then chillax over at XP for their afternoon sessions with Syringe and an acoustic set from the Bedstars. Mao Livehouse will celebrate grunge tonight with a slew of fresh bands including Pork, Miao, Speed Limit 80, and Laoya, among many others. Indie artist Wang Sen comes unplugged tonight at Zajia Lab. Indie group Time Capsule will play their brit pop over at Jianghu Bar. And lastly, check out another folk session at Blue Stream Bar with Red, Duck, and King Yuan.

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