Upcoming: VHS Compilation Release Party (Dada 2017.12.21)

On December 21 Nasty Wizard Recordings present a night of off-kilter beats and static drenched visuals at Dada Beijing, all in celebration of the release of a VHS/USB compilation of electronic artists from China and South Korea. The night will begin at 9p.m with a screening of the VHS compilation that features the music and visual of Goooooose, Last Boss, Noise Arcade, Loads Nothing, Fløøød, GUIGUISUISUI, TENGGER, and Yamagata Tweakster. Afterwards the line up of Huang Jin, Wavwave, Noise Arcade, and Fløøød shake the walls, as well as tape DJ sets from Nasty Wizard’s go-to selectors GUIGZ and Fancy Hobo. There will also be a merch table stocked with all the glorious products of Nasty Wizard Recordings, including the VHS compilation, audio cassettes, floppy disks, and other superannuated mediums you are probably unable to play.

创造来自发达的大脑,这是一场烧脑,废腿的派对,下流巫师召唤了数位复古科技怪人一起开始一场电子盛宴,今天晚上九点放映录像带合集,这张合集包含GOOOOSE, Last Boss, Loads Nothing, Fløøød,Noise Arcade, 鬼鬼祟祟,TENGGER和Yamagata Tweakster的音频和视觉,然后今晚的live set阵容包含黄锦,Wavwave,,Noise Arcade,Fløøød,还有下流巫师的DJ GUIGZ和DJ Fancy Hobo要放磁带set。你今晚也可以买下流巫师录影带合集,磁带,软盘,以及其他格式你很有可能无法播放的!作为上个世纪的留念。

What: Nasty Wizard Recordings presents VHS Compilation Release Party

Who: Live Sets: Huang Jin, Wavwave, Noise Arcade, Fløøød/DJ Sets: GUIGZ, Fancy Hobo

When: Thursday, December 21st 9pm

Where: Dada Beijing




Wavwave is the new project of Xing Jiangbo, an electronic musician from Beijing, also known as iimmune. While respected in rock and indie circle as the guitarist of Glow Curve, a band that seamlessly weaves together post-rock, shoegaze, and experimental tendencies, the iimmune project has built a solid reputation for the ambient soundscapes and murky beats that pleasantly complement the dystopian realities of the Middle Kingdom’s urban centers. Wavwave is a new direction for Xing that focuses more on techno, club culture, and getting trashed girls to wave their hands in the air. The first EP will be released in Prajnasonic next year.

来自北京的电子音乐人邢江波,aka iimmune。Wavwave是一个新计划,将更加侧重对Techno以及俱乐部文化的探索。即将在Prajnasonic发行首张EP。

Huang Jin

Huang Jin is an experimental musician who frequently crosses between genres, from noise to post-rock and everything in between. He was an early participant in the Chinese experimental scene, joining the experimental band Sound Toy in 2000, as well as establishing another experimental group called Another Two Comrades. Then in 2005 he formed the free-improv noise group D!O!D!O!D! with noise guitar extraordinaire Li Jianhong. Then in 2014 he formed the audio-visual crossover project Noise Temple, then in 2015 joined post-punk stalwarts Re-tros as their full time drummer. His set at the VHS comp release will weave together all these influences and experiences to bend genres and collide brain cells.


2000年加入声音玩具乐队,同年加入实验音乐团体“另外两位同志”。2005年与李剑鸿组建即兴噪音组合D!O!D!O!D!。2014年组建Audio Visual组合noise temple。2015年加入重塑雕像的权利乐队,担任鼓手。

Noise Arcade

Noise Arcade is a solo, live electronic project that is based in Beijing. Over the past several years, Noise Arcade has toured China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, and The Netherlands. In addition to touring, Noise Arcade has released a series of albums for several different labels including Nasty Wizard Recordings, Metaphysical Circuits, and Metal Postcard. The album called ‘Selective Memory’ recorded for Huashan Records based in Shanghai was selected by Smart Shanghai as one of the best albums for 2014.

Noise Arcade 是一个现居北京的单人现场即兴电子计划。过去四年来Noise Arcade把中国,南韩,日本,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,新加坡,德国和荷兰都巡回了一遍。除了巡演之外,Noise Arcade还在一堆不同的厂牌下发行了一堆风格各异的专辑,包括了Nasty Wizard Recordings, 还有此前发行了上海噪音摇滚二人组Pairs和上海单人乐队炸脖龙专辑的Metal Postcard厂牌。而在上海的Huashan Records厂牌下发行的专辑 ‘Selective Memory’ 更被Smart Shanghai 选为2014年的最佳专辑之一。



Sailing the waves of analogue synthesis, Fløøød crafts his tracks and live sets on synthesizers and drum machines — sans laptop. The mesmerizing results meld analogue textures and sonic flavors, ranging from instrumental hip-hop to skweee to synthfønk. In 2006, Fløøød settled in Beijing, where he and DJ-producer Verktyget launched the 87非87 label and party series (87fei87.com), specializing in China-produced sub-100 bpm beats. Since, Fløøød has released tracks on various international skweee labels, including Innocuous Records, Ausland Schläge, Generation Skweee, and his own 87非87 label. His debut 7-inch vinyl, “Zugs/Zwangs”, was released on Innocuous Records with the video for “Zwangs” directed by Brooklyn-based video artist Desmond Williams.

来自于美国,Fløøød 的音乐风格混合了嘻哈,skweee ,glitch 以及synthfønk等不同类型,形成了他自己的独特的品位。 受之前他在纽约做indie音乐创作的影响,Fløøød开始做电音时一直结合现场表演的元素。最影响他的电音风格的就是来自北欧的skweee。他的演出是纯粹的现场表演,不同于DJ的演出.Fløøød表演时的主要工具是键盘,合成器,打鼓机,而不是单纯用电脑。2012年在北京他于音乐人Verktyget开创了87非87的系列party,开始在中国的club介绍skweee风格的音乐。2012年他最新的单曲是由在美国的skweee唱片公司,Innocuous Records发行。他的第一张EP黑胶唱片 “Zugs/Zwangs”将要由Innocuous Records唱片公司出版发行。同时他的第一个MTV “Skweeems”也是由纽约的导演Desmond Williams编导制作 。

DJ GUIGZ/ Fancy Hobo

DJ GUIGZ is the occasional side project of GUIGUI of experimental bands GUIGUISUISUI, Nekroma, and Death Fuck Abba ’89. For this event his set will mainly consist of hitting play on a cassette player and staring into the distance wondering where it all went wrong. Fancy Hobo is the DJ moniker of LiveBeijingMusic’s editor-in-cheif Will Griffith. His DJ set will include looking disheveled and playing underground music from the length and breadth of the People’s Republic of China.

DJ GUIGZ是鬼鬼祟祟的另一个计划,为了本活动,他要放磁带,以及好好考虑一切都怎么失败了。Fancy Hobo是北京现场音乐的Will,为了本活动,他要穿不整浩的衣服,以及放中国地下音乐。

Q&A with the Nasty Wizards

Q: Who are Nasty Wizard Recordings?

A: Nasty Wizard Recordings is a international sect of occult sound practitioners whose headquarters is currently based in Beijing, China.


A: 下流巫师是一个现居北京的国际团

Q: What do they do?

A: Commit underground and avante garde sounds to a variety of formats, most prominently tapes (genres so far include harsh noise, electronic, ambient,  punk, free jazz, doom, shoegaze, indie, experimental, dream pop, and lo-fi). Releases tend to be splits and compilations that aim to make connections between different musicians and scenes internationally. Releases are also used as an opportunity to share the work of visual artists, the artwork for each release being carefully curated to create an physical meeting of creative minds from around the globe.



Q: What’s the deal with the VHS Compilation?

A: As we mentioned above we really think the pairing of audio and visual art is really important, and we wanted to celebrate that in a way that harked back to early music videos from the likes of David Bowie and Devo. That was of course the era of VHS tapes, recording music videos off of MTV and so on, and we never pass up the opportunity to kick some life into an obsolete format. We decided this would then be a really fun way to create a compilation of electronic artists who are all quite different but brilliant in their own way, including GOOOOOSE, Last Boss, Loads Nothing, Noise Arcade, Fløøød, and GUIGUISUISUI from China, and TENGGER and Yamagata Tweakster from South Korea. The design of the VHS was done by Beijing based visual artist Nick Sanders. It’s also worthing making it clear the VHS comp does come h a USB card with the videos loaded on, so you can actually watch the videos even if you don’t have a VHS player.

Q: 下流巫师为什么要发行录像带合集?

A: 我们觉得把音频和视觉结合很重要,还有我们想庆祝很早以前的MV,如大卫鲍伊和退化乐队,那就是录像带的时代,从MTV录音MV,我们从来不要错过任何机会复兴废弃的格式,所以我们决定了这是有趣的方式策划一张特别丰富的电音合集,这张合集包含GOOOOSE, Last Boss, Loads Nothing, Fløøød,Noise Arcade, 鬼鬼祟祟,还有来自韩国的TENGGER和Yamagata Tweakster,现居北京的艺术家Nick Sanders设计了这张录像带合集的封面。我们也想说如果你买这张录像带合集,我们送你一个U盘,这U盘也有所有的MV,这样的话,如果你没有录像机,你还能看所有的MV。

Q: Why do you do all this?

A: Because we got bored of playing D&D in dank basements.





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