Upcoming: Nasty Wizard Split Release Show – Liquid Palace (DDC 2017.09.30)

DDC and Nasty Wizard Recordings are proud to present to you a night of wonderfully left field sounds and ideas. In celebration of the split tape between Beijing’s Liquid Palace and Singapore’s (((connection_error))) audiences can look forward to performances from XY Pattern, Gooooose (Shanghai), iimmune & Noise Arcade, Heimu (Shanghai), and Liquid Palace themselves. It will literally be the best thing that will happen to you in September 2017, unless you get abducted by a gang of beer-bonging bug-eyed aliens from the planet Xhrek, who force you to participate in keg stand competitions as you travel at the speed of light. Unless that happens it will only be this show that will give you the necessary spiritual enlightenment to succeed at life. Plus there’s a tape included with the door ticket.

DDC和Nasty Wizard厂牌将向您荣誉呈现一个奇妙缤纷的音乐之夜。庆祝Liquid Palace连接北京和新加坡的磁带((连接错误))而观众也可以期待XY Pattern, Gooooose(上海),iimmune&Noise Arcade,Heimu(上海)以及Liquid Palace的表演。除非你被一个来自X星球的一群啤酒黑眼圈的外星人绑架,强迫你在在旅行时以光速去参加小游戏比赛。否则今年九月只有这里才能给你精神启蒙并得到生活的慰籍,此外,门票附带一张磁带。 

时间/TimeSaturday, September 30th 9:00pm

2017年9月30日 21:00

门票/Ticket50 RMB (advance)/60 RMB (door)

50元(预售票) 60元(现场票)


Shanlao Hutong NO. 14, Dongcheng District 

阵 容/Line up:

Liquid Palace


XY Pattern

iimmune & Noise Arcade 

Hei Mu 

Link: http://www.showstart.com/event/34785

Liquid Palace 液体宫殿

乐队成员:孟奇 丁昕 高源  陈喆

“… People going down from the stairs of the world… going back to the ground… (the holy river) is flowing to the lowest place of the earth… it is the liquid palace”— Yu Jian  <Notes of India>


“……芸芸众生从世界的台阶上下来……回到大地上去……(圣河)朝着大地最低处去……它是液体的圣殿。”——于坚 《印度记》液体宫殿是北京某个地下室里喇叭发疯之后的声音。在这个次元里,我们一边流浪一边修筑电流和音波组成的液体圣殿。

“Liquid Palace” is psychedelic noise band from Beijing China. It generates abnormal movements of the speakers in some basement, from which it describes a liquid holy structure by electricity and sound waves.

液体宫殿由电子制作人/合成器/艺术家孟奇,丁昕,席望和陈喆组成,正式成为一个噪音乐队(非正式的超人群,真正深入人心的录音白噪声和Soundcloud反馈)。应该没有什么惊喜,没有两个表演包括相同的声音或设置,但是对于更多怀疑的听众来说,可能会是一个启示,就是他们声音中的空间量,而不是爆炸声,Liquid Palace是非常旅途。令人难堪的向导录音带来的旅程,因为当外星生命形式被允许设置淘宝帐户时,这些婴儿将像热蛋糕一样销售。

Finally, the group who are on one side of the tape all of this is in celebration of, Liquid Palace. Officially a noise band (unofficially a supergroup to people who really dig nerding out to recordings of white noise and feedback on Soundcloud) the group consists of electronic producers/synth makers/artists Meng Qi, Doctor Xiin, Zpax ,and Chen Zhe. It should come as little surprise that no two performances include the same sounds or set up, yet what might come as a revelation to more skeptical listeners is the amount of space in their sound — rather than being an explosion of harsh sound, Liquid Palace is very much a journey. A journey that Nasty Wizard Recordings are proud to commit to tape because when extraterrestrial lifeforms are allowed to set up Taobao accounts these babies are going to sell like hot cakes.

XY PATTERN( 徐小国 + 李言增 )

XY Pattern 声音艺术小组是由徐小国与李言增于2015年共同创建,其创作 涉及声音、影像、装置等艺术形式。

XY Pattern 意在提供一种融合化的工作方式,在感知与体验的双重层面中传达其艺术诉求, 主要运用电子原声乐器及影像、装置交织实现场域化的艺术实践。


The sound-art team XY Pattern was co-established by Xu Xiaoguo and experimental Li Yanzeng in 2015, which mainly focuses on sound, video, installation and other forms of art.

The XY Pattern attempts to initiate a cross overway of work, and express their artistic viewpoint by means of combining duallayers of perception and experience. The idea is to apply electronic acoustic instrument, video and installation in a combined way so as to practice art in as ense of field theory.

iimmune x Noise Arcade

邢江波,aka iimmune, 1989年生于甘肃天水,现居北京,电子音乐人,制作人,乐手。发光曲线、唵、光迷幻联盟、Vast Vacant Vacation 等组合成员。

Noise Arcade 是一个现居北京的单人现场即兴电子计划。过去三年来Noise Arcade把中国,南韩,日本,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,新加坡,德国和荷兰都巡回了一遍。除了巡演之外,Noise Arcade还在一堆不同的厂牌下发行了一堆风格各异的专辑,包括了Nasty Wizard Recordings, 还有此前发行了香港的Metal Postcard厂牌。而在上海的Huashan Records厂牌下发行的专辑 ‘Selective Memory’ 更被Smart Shanghai 选为2014年的最佳专辑之一。

Gansu born, Beijing based electronic trailblazeriimmune is no stranger to followers of off-kilter sounds, whether its for hisguitar work with Glow Curve, association with the Raying Psychedelic Coalition,or indeed his solo adventures into sound wave manipulation. For this occasionhe’ll be joined by Beijing-based U.S beat blaster Noise Arcade, who has touredhis twisted IDM sounds around Asia, and played live drums with the likes ofSUBS. Sadly both iimmune & Noise Arcade’s performances have been confinedto the planet known as Earth to date, but rest assured they’re working oncontacting organizers on other planetary bodies.


GOOOOOSE 是音乐人韩涵另外的音乐项目,同样作为国内著名实验/摇滚/电子乐队“鸭打鹅”的主要成员之一的他,同时也是实验唱片厂牌 Miniless Recordings的主理人。他擅长使用多种乐器制作音乐的方法,能带领着听众进入到一个电子,爵士以及奇怪时间的摇滚音乐里去找到之间的和谐,尽管有时也会互相排斥。GOOOOOSE 更像是目前居住在上海的韩涵的一个精神洞穴。名字里一共是5个O。

GOOOOSE is the solo effort of Han Han from Shanghai’s seminal electro-rock outfit Duck Fight Goose. Beginning with more guitar based work Han Han’s work in DFG has shifted towards the use of sytnhs ive looping via Ableton, position the group at a crucial point between the Chinese electronic and indie scenes. Just as how Duck Fight Goose’s sound has evolved over the years to juxtapose different musical angles such as electronica and jazz, the GOOOOSE sounds draws on parallels and inconsistencies between the digital and physical realm, stripped down and distilled to its base elememnts. That and having so much gear on a table that you’d be forgiven for assuming he’s actually controlling a machine that will teleport him to some far off galaxy.

Hei Mu



Heimu, aka. Dong Heimu, is the Xi’an born frontman of Shanghai’s electro-psych outfit Nonplus Of Color. The solo manifestation of Heimu sees hisdream-like creations taken on a solo voyage, stripped down and minimal butpossessing the same spirit as Nonplus Of Color. Assisted by drum machines andsynths vivid and melancholy guitar lines drift around, conjuring up hauntingsoundscapes for your imagination to run wild within. He is apparentlyattempting to contact NASA with an aim to be included on the Voyager GoldenRecord compilation Vol.2 so his compositions can be heard outside our solar system.

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