Upcoming: Mayday Retreat Showcase (DDC 2018.05.01)

Live Beijing Music is back at it – throwing together some the fiercest, most tender, genre-expanding sounds Beijing has to offer with a special Labor Day showcase that’ll have your eardrums wiggling in delight and your body twisting and turning as you soak up the last of those holiday vibes.



乐队 bands:

Xiao Wang 小王 (Punk, Kawaii Core)
Wonder Sea 出海部 (Post Rock, EMO)
Pure 纯 (Punk, Grunge)

Husband Killers 妙手回 (Punk Rock)

Tickets: https://www.showstart.com/event/51546

Xiao Wang 小王 (Punk, Kawaii Core)

On the bill we’ve got talk-of-the-town riot girrrl kawaii core band Xiao Wang, who resurrected this year stronger than ever, tearing up a storm across Gulou with their bombastic cathartic blend of punk, self-respecting hardcore, and a touch of black metal thrown in for good measure.


Wonder Sea 出海部 (Emo, Post Rock)

Speaking of emotions, post rock emo outfit Wonder Sea, have grown up quite a bit since their 2016 debut, releasing a killer EP back a year ago and since then seducing audiences with their emotionally wrought, guitar heavy brand of indie rock.



Pure 纯 (Punk, Grunge)

Pure are one of the latest bands to emerge in the new and hungrier grunge scene, capturing its pathos with technical pension, reggae undertones and a madcap attitude that’s anything but predictable – expect mosh-pits and all sorts of mischief with their DDC debut.


Husband Killers 妙手回 (Punk Rock)

Last but not least, Husband Killers are the latest melodically pleasing blues-ridden, story-telling punk rockers Husband Killers who have been steadily grabbing the attention of venues and fans across town.


So there you have it – indie, pop, emo, punk, core, grunge – doesn’t matter how you label it – this is a show not to be missed.


活动详情 Event Info:

时间/Time: 2018年5月1日 21:00
门票/Ticket: 40(ADV)/50(DOOR)(票务:阅读原文)
地点/Venue: 黄昏黎明俱乐部 (DDC)
地址/ADD: 北京市东城区美术馆后街山老胡同14号
Shanlao Hutong NO. 14, Dongcheng District
电话/Tel: 010-64078969
邮箱/Mail: DuskDawnClub@gmail.com


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