OTS: Yang Fan (School 03.08.2014)


Well wouldn’t you know it – I made it out to a Sunday show. At School of all places. Don’t ask how!? Or how much of the previous evenings’ descent into hell poured through my pores? Had to make up for my sins. And what better way then going head first into the strange world of Yang Fan. Your typical folk outing this was not?

Pass the peace pipe. This is some tripped out space cadet shit here. Jump below for more.


Art folk, avant-grade – whatever you wanna label it, Yang Fan is marching to her own beat here. It’s lures you in under the guise that this is gonna be just another cute quirky indie folk outfit. But then those strange vibes beginning digging into you while the wholesome all too innocence lyrics juxtapose one another.

It’s this tension between the two styles that sticks with you – and as much as it wants to mislead you, there’s some real emotion being laid out here. Playing with fire Yang Fan may, but I can’t wait to see where she takes it next.

Douban Page: http://site.douban.com/YF/


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