OTS: Ouch, Liang Wei (School 27.03.2015)


Oh how I miss ya School. After my phone shat the bed and I was left with zero contact with the outside world, I decided to grab my camera and waltz on over to School to see if I’d bump into anyone I know. And am I ever glad I did. Seminal punk outfit Ouch, one of the earlier punk bands to kick-start the scene, gave a heated, energized performance to a packed and zealous audience. It didn’t matter who you were, this was a family affair for all to partake in. We were even treated to a surprise appearance from Liang Wei, the frontman for 69, one of the earliest punk bands to hit the scene in the 1990s and part of the Wuliao Contingent, the collective which brought together Brain Failure, Reflector, 69, and A-Boys. Punk royalty indeed.

Lots of sweating, lots of moshing, lots of drunken chanting – my kind of School. Check out below for more videos from Ouch! as they tear it up, spit it out, and turn the joint into a glorious spectacle.







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