OTS: Hiperson (Dansheng Festival 2014)


Yup, still trudging though the hours and hours of footage from last year’s Dansheng Music Festival in Dalian. Lots of good stuff lurking in there. And with the release of Chengdu based post punk band Hiperson’s debut album, No Need For Another History, I figured there’s no better time to catch a glimpse of one of this year’s most talked about bands.

Gripping stuff. A band with a clear, assured sound that yanks you into movement. Lyrics that mystify and eclipse deeper feelings. And the musical chops to back it up. Did I mention these kids are only in their early twenties. Check below for more videos and be sure to catch the band in action next Wednesday, April 29th at XP as part of the Sound of the Xity. Looking forward to that one.

Might as well throw in last year\’s promo video for the Dansheng Music Festival which used the bands\’ \’The Curtain\’.

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