OTS: Duck Fight Goose (24/12/2013)


Christmas came a bit early this year – I’ve been dying to see Shanghai indie rock sensations Duck Fight Goose for ages now, to the point where each missed opportunity seemed destined, as if the music gods were mocking me. Even getting to Yugong Yishan from a Dongzimen secret Santa party seemed to take centuries. But at last, my ass was planted front and center and I my friends, have seen Duck Fight Goose –

Even Yugong Yishans’ horrific sound system and the complete lack of a drummer couldn’t ruin this (came pretty close though). Check out more below, including more pics from Live Music Night.


Beneath all the layered electronics, and steely atmosphere, what makes DFG for me is the soul, which is one hundred percent Han Han’s.  He injects the proceedings with deep emotion that almost veers into blues-heavy R&B territory.

Backed by some truly ambitious compositions, that perhaps threatens at being more impressive than likable, DFG balance craftsmanship and passion to a tee. And I absolutely can’t wait to catch them again.


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