OTS: Dr. Liu & the Human Centipede (School 30.04.2016)


School celebrated their sixth birthday at the end of April and as expected it was a shitshow of the highest order for everyone involved. The stage turned into a sauna, inebriation plastered the walls, and the tunes were a plentiful. And while I was only brave/wise/lazy/sloushed enough to film one of the participating bands, I’m glad it was Dr. Liu & the Human Centipede, one of the few hardcore bands that I geek out over – mainly due to their ruthless anarchic nature has made their shows an absolute hoot. Fast and heedless, the band, headed by School Bar owner Liu Fei, delights in the their malicious and devilishly riotous lyrics – taking the piss out of just about everything.

Coming at you like a freight train, this is hardcore music with bite and it’s acidic tongue stuck firmly in cheek. To get a better sense of the band and their ways – I highly recommend checking out Liz Tung’s interview with the band over on Loreli. More videos below.


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