OTS: Dirty Fingers (School 13.10.2015)


After missing the self proclaimed ‘rising bastard lords of punk in China over the weekend, I made it a personal mission to catch Dirty Fingers for a one-off weekday gig at School. And am I ever glad – charged, relentless, and brimming with vitality, the Shanghai outfit were a breath of fresh air. A wallop of animated mischievous and riotous recklessness, yet completely aware of itself, Dirty Fingers, were in a nutshell, exactly the kind of scrappy mentality that makes punk such a vital competent of the live music scene.

A giddy mess of a good time, the boys even threw in a cover of Talking Heads for old time sake and as well as cheeky ska number. A firecracker of a band, and one that I’d whole-heartedly recommend catching next time they’re in town. Check out more vids and pics below.














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