OTS: Cold Field, Xie Yugang (XP 03.02.2015)


While XP lays waste in purgatory let’s take a look back at my last show there back in February, where a horde of Dalian post rock players and fanatics came down to Beijing to catch the Swans show. And why not throw down at XP’s experimental haven, the Zoomin Nights. Xie Yugang, the guitarist of Wang Wen, joined Cold Field, a band no one had ever heard of before, as well as a bunch of zoomin night regulars, including our main man behind the soundboard, Deng Chenglong, for some beautiful noise making.

That’s some lush shit right there – a nice appetizer for when I can finally catch Wang Wen in the full, which evidently will be at the end of the month when they’ll be filling out the M Space in Wukesong. Nice how that works out. Check out more pics and vids below.





















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