On The Scene: Temple 24-08-2013


Free beer, free sandwiches, all capped off by some free music at none other than Temple. Yes, I’m a cheap bastard, and yes, I needed something light. But really at this point I’d gladly pay good money to see Rolling Bowling, who manage every time to get my ass moving.

Not a small feat – but the consistency of these three is staggering. Even more unexpected was the surprise addition of Glasgow outfit Fangs, who wiped the crowd into a frenzy with their neon-soaked electropunk. Pretty rad stuff – as usual pop on below for the rest.


Rolling Bowling deserve to showered with praise at this point. It’s ridiculous how much rockabilly gets the shaft in these parts. Fact is, this is some of the most seamless, knee slapping, danceable music around.

They’ve created a whole catalogue of tunes, original mind you, that follow the tropes of any rockabilly group – women, alcohol, farewells, tight jeans, and once again, women, and rarely do they miss their mark.

Solid to the core. Rolling Bowling again prove they’re one of the most reliable bands in town.


Really had no idea what to expect with Fangs – I suppose the dress might’ve tipped me off, but really there was no way I was prepared for this.

Hyperactive tongue in cheek electro punk. With a voice that would make Blondie proud, The Queen, as she calls herself, rallied up Temple’s patrons and fellow Scotsmen into dancing zombies.  I don’t blame them.

As much as the music threatens to move into serious silly territory, it’s also what keeps it so damn fun. They’re not taking themselves too seriously (any song that references MTV2 is ok in my book) and you’re not suppose to either. Just let the beat take you.


Again, not a bad way to cap off a lazy moneyless Saturday. One for for Fangs here and for Rolling Bowing here.

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