On The Scene: Temple 11-07-2012


Just, wow. I had no idea what to expect from Djang San (Jean Sebastian of The Amazing Insurance Salesmen) but boy was I glad I bowed out of XP early to run over to Temple. Cause this shit is mightily impressive folks.

Combining the sprawling sounds of folk and electro, Jean has managed to make what might otherwise be familiar and make it refreshing, rejuvenating, and at times awe-inspiring. Watching him take control of his guitar, his soundboard, keyboard and integrate looping effects, hand-made drumbeats, and even vocals as he creates an array of rich sounds is mesmerizing to watch.

Multi-talented barely even starches the surface – just wait until he pulls out his Ruan – a type of Chinese banjo – the man goes haywire on that thing. Check it out below – and forgive the blackout mid-way through, I felt like that Arabic guy in True Lies when his battery runs out halfway through the terrorists speech – “Battery Aziz!”…no worries though, the sound keeps going as I switch up batteries.

Epic indeed. This is my kind of music, and frankly, anyone who gets a chance to see Djang San play will be greatly satisfied (cough Friday at Zajia Lab cough). Oh, and check out Foukographers photos of the event over here – downright sexy some of those pics.


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